Our Impact

To date Art of Culture Inc. has served 500+ artists in Chicago since launching programming in August of 2013.

The following information is based on the “Donda’s House Empowerment Evaluation” prepared in the Spring of 2014 by Alternative Education Research Institute. Principal Investigator: Rolanda J. West, Ed.D.,  Co-Investigators: Evelyn Joy Coker, MSW, Emanual Coker, M.A., M.S., Research Assistant: Domika Tyrell.

 “Each component; Arts & education (creative writing and performing arts) instruction, behavior intervention (mentoring) and health & wellness are equally essential to the participants feelings of empowerment and ability to be successful upon completion of the program.”

  “The program serves as a positive element in the lives of those faced with many adversities. Motivating youth through the power of creativity, is one of the programs finest characteristics.”

Based on our Program Impact Theory our participants experience:

  • Increased ability to effectively communicate verbally and in


  • Increase in positive behavior and consistency using reward system (studio time).

  • Increase in stamina and ability to perform in public venues.

  • Ability to work positively within group and professional settings.

  Participants showed overwhelming interest in the studio component of the program. Data shows that participants enjoyed this aspect of the program with over 90% of participants identifying this component as their favorite.

Based on our Program Logic Model our participants experience the following short, medium and long-term outcomes:

-       SHORT:

  • Ability to adhere to schedule and develop a daily routine

  • Mentoring opportunities

  • Proper understanding of safe exercise

  • Greater understanding of the working definition of healthy living and lifestyles

  • Ability to work successfully individually and in groups

  • Proper understanding of studio production, key terms and proper implementation

  • Greater understanding of the proper use of grammar and structure

  • Critical thinking instruction


-       LONG

  • Ability to independently write and record music

  • Increased access to industry vocational opportunities

  • Understanding of self and identity

  • Sense of ownership of the creative process

  • Increase in positive decision making for self sufficiency

  • Increased understanding of self and identity; as well as options for the future

  • Awareness of healthy options in a variety of circumstances

  • Performance endurance

  • Ability to independently write and record music

  • Ability to work in groups in educational or alternative settings


-       MEDIUM:

  • Increased success in the proper use and interpretation of Creative Writing

  • Ability to generalize information in alternative academic settings

  • Increase in self concept and self esteem

  • Ability to express oneself in positive ways

  • Ability to withstand daily pressures and stress in healthy ways

  • Increased success in the proper use and implementation of studio production

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